Jul 11, 2009

pen sketches

some enviros & spider glue ideas


Alex said...

dude nice work man. i like your casual line flo for the top one. very natural. WTF YOU BEEN UP TO?

danny gardner said...

Kickass sketches tim, when you joinin the entertainment fun at artcenter?

Christie said...

Hey! This is one of the two girls from the cafeteria yesterday. I thought you looked familiar; you were in watercolor some terms ago, weren't you? Anyway, it's a shame that I didn't get to really meet you before. I'm Christie. Hopefully I'll see you around again; it's exciting to find someone else interested in entertainment design over at FullColl. It's too bad that you can't make it to CDA, but we can swap notes and stuff if you like :)

Anyway, I really like your pen sketches! That first pic in particular has a lot of cool shapes.

Keep up the great work!